The Saxophone Association Hamaikasax and the Music School Inazio Bereziartua (Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa) have organized the 2nd Hamaikasax Competition for Young Saxophonists.


With this competition, the Saxophone Association Hamaikasax aims to follow with the work done during the last years, expanding and developing the classic saxophone in our country.


The main objective of the competition is to give the young musicians an incentive to keep on working with their instrument and receive thereby the results of their work.


Being an international competition, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their musical skills, as they will listen to saxophonists from other music schools and conservatories with a similar age and level.


Besides, the competition aims to support young students that want to undertake professional musical studies. Likewise, the competition will also attempt to help the youngest students developing their abilities to play the saxophone, encouraging them participating in this kind of competitions, and getting good studying habits.